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The Friends of the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas has earned Bronze membership as awarded by GuideStar, a nationwide service that evaluates and rates the effectiveness and accountability of not-for-profit organizations such as our own. The Friends are thrilled at receiving this designation, as it also will enable us to leverage certain fund-raising options in the future. Click on the Bronze icon for more information. (In January 2017, with the filing of our annual impact report, the Friends advanced to Silver membership.)

We also have been accepted into the AmazonSmile program of, which awards us a donation of .5 percent whenever a person shops online at and designates us as his or her charity. Click on the Smile icon for more information.





        Great news: The Friends are starting to make good on our mission to fund-raise for the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas!

        We have raised $640, which covers the transportation costs to bring four groups of school children to the museum on a field trip. That is $160 per one bus rental, which includes paying the driver. Lack of funds is the primary reason that elementary schools do not make field trips to the museum, according to Stacy Irvin, the museum’s curator of education.

        The funding for four field trips is the result of three $160 donations by individuals (the Lynn family, Pat Thacker and a Friend who chooses to be anonymous) as well as dollars raised on the spot by attendees at the Friends’ Nov. 17 general meeting. The last donation included $80 from attendees, matched by $80 from the Wells Fargo grant arranged by Anthony Timmons.

        Thank you to all who have contributed!

        Funding bus trips is an ongoing project so we expect our present total of $640 to keep rising.




        Our new project — to underwrite transportation expenses so that more schoolchildren can visit the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas — got off to a roaring start with a generous $160 donation from a shy Friend who chooses to remain anonymous.

        Even though the museum admits children for free, some schools can’t afford to provide extras, such as renting a bus and driver for a field trip, which costs an estimated $160.

        Let’s hope we can raise funds for many more bus trips bringing schoolchildren to our favorite museum. That means reaching into our own pockets, but also brainstorming for contacts we may have in the local transportation industry.





        How often does the museum host groups of schoolchildren on field trips? What obstacles do schools in lower socio-economic neighborhoods face when planning field trips? How can the Friends support this component of the museum’s work?

        The Friends will hear answers to these questions, and more, when we host Stacy Irvin, museum curator of education, at our Nov. 17 meeting.

In photo, above, Friends member Nancy Brady leads a group of schoolchildren on a museum tour.


        If you’re a Las Vegas history buff with an affinity for residential architecture, you will want to save time on Saturday, Nov. 12, for a tour of the home once owned by Antonio Morelli, who led the orchestra in the Copa Showroom at the bygone Sands Hotel during the Rat Pack heyday!

        For one day only, the Junior League of Las Vegas is hosting tours of the home, which is an examplar of mid-20th-century modern residential design.

        For information on the Nov. 12 tours, contact the Junior League.

         — Phone 702-822-6536

         — Email

         — Go online to

         — View event flyer