Thursday, Jan. 26, 2016

“Genealogy of a Quilt: How Railroads, the Civil War and Genealogy Created a Quilt” will run from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Feb. 11 in the state museum’s special-events room.

The science of tracing ancestry will merge with the artistry of quilt-making. The Friends are co-sponsoring the event along with the Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society.

The artifact “starring” in the presentation is a museum quilt that was sewn in the Civil War era, then brought west by the Rockwells, an early family in Las Vegas. Its squares are inked with the names of Civil War veterans.

Admission is free for Friends, and $5 for others. Refreshments and a raffle are part of the event.



Monday, Jan. 23, 2017

The Friends’ first “year” consisted of six very productive months starting in July 2016.  The pie charts demonstrate our group’s activity in two important areas: fund-raising and volunteerism. Please peruse the 2016 report for full background and detail.

$2,290 in donations received by Friends

1,505 hours donated to museum by Friends volunteers

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017

     The Jan. 21 workshop on digitizing old photos had an enthusiastic though modestly sized audience.

     “It was fantastic. I have a long road ahead to properly preserve my favorite photos,” said Cindy Pichler, who attended the event at the museum.

     Topnotch museum staff led the workshop: Crystal Van Dee, the museum’s curator of manuscripts and paper artifacts, and Ilana Short, who curates the museum’s photo collection.

     About 15 people attended the event, which culminated in the raffle of a basket stuffed with scrapbook and photo storage supplies, pictured at right.

     The Friends’ next public event, 2-3 p.m. on Feb. 11 at the museum, will be a session combining the art of quilt-making with the science of genealogical research.

     The Friends are co-sponsoring the afternoon with the Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society. The event will focus on a museum artifact, the so-called Rockwell quilt, which was made in the Civil War era and brought to Las Vegas by an early family.

If you’ve got precious old photos, the best way to preserve and share them is electronically.

Learn the pros and cons of various file formats and storage methods by attending the Friends’ workshop 1-2 p.m. on Saturday (Jan. 21) at the museum.

The workshop, “Save Your Family History: Digitizing Old Photos” will be led by museum experts: manuscripts curator Crystal Van Dee and photo cataloger Ilana Short.

Admission is free for Friends and $5 at the door for others.

Beverages will be sold, and a raffle of a scrapbooking-supplies basket will be held.

To share their expertise online, curators of the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas have started doing short weekly videos on Facebook.

Sali Underwood, curator of natural history, on Jan. 18 did a live segment on how scientists label paleontology artifacts.

You can view it by clicking here. You will be sent to the museum’s Facebook page. Scroll down to Jan. 18  to find Underwood’s talk.

If you scroll further down, you will also find videos of earlier talks by manuscripts curator Crystal Van Dee and photograph cataloger Ilana Short.






We will vote for officers at our Jan. 19 general meeting. The slate of candidates has been modified because Jon Howard, our founding vice president, has decided not to run for reelection though he will remain an active Friends member.

(And we thank Jon for his service in 2016.)

The new slate is as follows: Mary Savage (for president), Joan Whitely (vice president), Laura Eisenberg (treasurer), Nick Dyer (secretary) and Wayne Pichler (media coordinator).


At the next Friends meeting on Jan. 19, members in good standing (those who have paid dues for 2017) will vote on officers.

We will also hear from Josie Kleinick on the role of the museum’s gift shop and its challenges. Kleinick is the shop’s part-time manager.

Snacks at meetings are provided on an unscheduled potluck basis by attendees, so feel free to share any sweets or finger foods.


The Friends on Jan. 13 wrote and sent off a check for $800 to the School Community Partnership Program of the Clark County Schools. The donation will pay transportation costs — at $160 a trip, for five field trips total — for pupils in needy schools selected from the ZIP codes immediately surrounding the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas.

Pictured are, from left, Stacy Irvin, who is the museum’s education curator and holding the donation check, Friends treasurer Laura Eisenberg and Friends president Mary Savage.

The Friends’ first public workshop, on how to preserve photos digitally, will take place from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Jan. 21, which is a Saturday.

Museum curators for photos and manuscripts will discuss and compare electronic formats and storage methods.

The event will take place in the museum’s special-events room.

Admission is free for members of the Friends of the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas. Admission is $5 for all others.