The Friends have recruited a professor and several students in UNLV’s entertainment engineering program to come up with a better donation box for the museum! The goal is to increase impromptu financial gifts by museum visitors.

     The UNLV team will design and build a donation box that is interactive — which will encourage giving by using lights or motion or a clever motif, shape or coloring.

     This project is a step further than the Friends’ initial suggestion for museum staff to place the present generic donation box in more a prominent location. Simply moving the box from a wall to the center of the hallway to the galleries has resulted in a significant increase in donations.

     UNLV’s Professor Si Kim is overseeing this student project. The box’s construction is made possible by a $300 donation from an anonymous Friend. The deadline for completion is at the end of December.

    The photo shows Professor Kim, at far left, and his students standing behind the present donation box. The team did a site visit to the museum in May to scope out the museum’s theming and floor plan.

     Thank you, Design Team!

     Decipher the past by studying the trash!

     Death Valley National Park archeologist Wanda Raschkow will unravel the mysteries of old trash such as bottles and cans, using artifacts from the desert and a hands-on activity.

     She will speak at the museum 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 13, as part of Nevada’s Historic Preservation and Archaeological Awareness Month.

     Free with Springs Preserve admission or museum membership. (Friends membership is not the same as museum membership.)