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Stay informed on our projects, guest speakers and other activities through the Friends Folio, our monthly newsletter, which comes out on the first day of each month. The Folio appears online only.

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September 2017 issue

(Topics: Pete Menefee Exhibit, Polly Michel presentation “They Live by Daily Wage: Labor and Work of the Paiutes 1911 – 1924”)

August 2017 issue

(Topics: Traveling History Trunks Grant, Volunteer Profile – Margurite Walton)

July 2017 issue

(Topics: Volunteer appreciation brunch: grant from Nevada Humanities Council)

June 2017 issue

(Topics: Secret Life of Old Cans and the Friends One-Year Anniversary)

May 2017 issue

(Topics: Endangered species found in museum butterfly collection; crowd-sourcing project to digitize museum library’s card catalog)

April 2017 issue

(Topics: Michael Green’s talk on Prohibition in Nevada; “Two Deserts, One Sky” photo exhibit at museum)

March 2017 issue

(Topic: Highlights of the Friends’ Feb. 11 workshop on “Genealogy of a Quilt”)

February 2017 issue

(Topics: Know Your Rotunda — Stardust rocket; tips for preserving photos)

January 2017 issue

(Topic: Volunteering at NSMLV – who, why, how)

December 2016 issue

(Topics: Know Your Rotunda — Desert Love Buggy; school bus project; fund-raising via Amazon Smile)

November 2016 issue
(Topics: Know Your Rotunda — Bristlecone pine; Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City)

October 2016 issue
(Topics: Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy gathering; railroad cottages)

September 2016 issue
(Topics: Friends logo design by Wes Southerland; textile collection; profile of Karan Feder)

August 2016 issue
(Topics: genealogy fair; profile of Caroline Kunioka)