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During the annual business meeting on Thursday, January 18, 2018, the Friends of NSMLV membership will be asked to vote on two changes to the bylaws. Changes to the Media Coordinator’s job description and eligibility to hold office are proposed.

Changes to the Media Coordinator’s job description are proposed to avoid extra work for the NSMLV staff and to help ensure the newsletter content is engaging. The proposal is to strike the following sentences from Section 4.5 of the bylaws regarding the content and distribution of the Friend’s newsletter:

Articles shall include a monthly statement from both the President and the Museum Administrator, minutes from the previous month’s General Meeting (if applicable), the agenda for the next meeting, notice of the upcoming meeting time, date, location, and any other necessary information. Distribution shall be done no later than seven days before the next scheduled general meeting.

Changes to the eligibility to hold office in the Friends of NSMLV are proposed to increase the pool of candidates. The proposal is to strike the clause italicized below from Section 5.2, Item 2 of the bylaws:

1. Members must be current with dues, and have attended at least three (3) months of the current year’s General Meetings, to be eligible to hold office.

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