BOTH CLASSES FILLED!! – Learn new skills and put them to work helping prepare exhibits for the museum! Two free classes are available  – a dry mounting class and a working with acrylic class. Both skills are used to prepare exhibits. We need your help with an exhibit immediately, so you can use your new skills right away! All materials and equipment are provided for free.

Class 1 – Dry Mounting, Sat. March 30 10 am – noon

Artwork, documents, photos, and labels are typically dry mounted forfree classes dry mount press an exhibit. Dry mounting is the process of attaching artwork to foam board or some other backing material. A thin sheet of heat-sensitive adhesive is cut to the size of the artwork. The adhesive sheet is tacked to the back of the print with a small iron to hold it in place. The artwork is then placed on a mounting board, and slipped into a hot press. The heat melts the adhesive, and the artwork is removed to cool. Voila! Instant mounting!

Class 2 – Working with Acrylic Sat. April 6, 10 am – noon

free classes bend acrylicAcrylic plastic is bent to support exhibit labels and artifacts. The sides of a pre-cut strip of acrylic plastic are filed to remove rough edges. The center of the strip is then scored with a knife. The scored strip is heated until it begins to soften, and is bent by hand to the desired angle using a jig.


Details for all classes

The museum’s Exhibits team teaches all classes. All materials are provided for free. You must wear closed-toed shoes – if you don’t you will be unable to participate due to safety requirements. Please note: Both classes require use of sharp cutters and heated materials, if you are not comfortable with either of these, this class might not be for you!! Classes require some prolonged standing.