Guest speakers

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     We’ve lined up a varied set of activities for 2018!

Events in white are sponsored by the Friends. Events in gray indicate that the Museum,

Springs Preserve or other entity is the sponsor.



Here are podcasts of the guest speakers from some of our meetings.

FEB. 16, 2017

Speaker: Jaina Moan, executive director of Friends of Gold Butte

Topic: The region’s designation as a national monument and its history — and recent stewardship by Gold Butte Friends


JAN. 19, 2017

Speaker: Josie Kleinick, manager of museum’s gift shop

Topic: Challenges faced by the store. Also, volunteers are needed to sew drawstring bags (for purchases of polished rocks) and to make small boxes (for jewelry purchases)


NOV. 17, 2016

Speaker: Stacy Irvin, curator of education at Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

Topic: Role of museum’s education department; school field trips to the museum


OCT. 20, 2016

Speaker: Randy Hees, director of Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City

Topic: History of railroads in Southern Nevada plus exploring expansion of the Boulder City museum

(We apologize for cutting off the start of Hees’ talk. Audio commences with his explanation of railroad cottages built in downtown Las Vegas in early 1900s.)


SEPT. 15, 2016

Speaker: Nathan Harper, Springs Preserve archaeologist

Topic: Restored railroad cottages on Preserve’s historic streetscape


AUG. 18, 2016

Speaker: Dennis McBride, director of the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas.

Topic: The museum’s place within state government, and within the Springs Preserve.

(We apologize for cutting off the start of McBride’s presentation.)