Dinosaur night was a hit

Children point out museum’s iguanodon.

Families descended on the museum on July 28 for a dinosaur-themed evening that included perusing the galleries and taking part in a “dino carnival.” The event’s purpose was to reach families in the community who may not have been aware of the museum’s value for entertainment as well as education.

The carnival portion allowed children to touch dinosaur fossils and guess dino footprints by species, as well as to handle components of modern animals such as a desert tortoise shell, a bighorn’s horn, a snakeskin and the furs of a beaver and coyote.

Dino-themed crafts were available, too. Children colored in dinosaur masks or created buttons out of tiny dinosaur pictures they had colored.

Even the snacks came with dinosaur labels. Straight pretzels were dinosaur bones; craisins were dino droppings; animal crackers were prey for meat-eating dinosaurs while carrots were roots for plant-eating species.

About 45 families attended. Many won door prizes, while three won raffle baskets, which constituted a small fund-raiser.

Guests took photos while posing as dinosaurs.

Some made dinosaur masks.

Others used pressed plants to create greeting cards.