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   Family Events
Dinosaur Discovery
Fossil Factory
   Institutional Outreach
Bike Bonanza
   Nevada Then & Now
   Traveling Trunks
   Teacher Meetups
   Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (JNG)
UNLV Graphic Arts Interns
   Book Sales
   Secrets of Tea
   A Taste of Red and White
   Pinot’s Palette
   Online Store
   Stuff a Truck
   Rotunda Sale
   Barnes & Noble Bookfair
   Delinda Crampton
   Hyper Networks
   Famous Names, LLC
   STG Logistics
   Pinot’s Palette
   Google, Amazon, and PayPal
   Other Corporate Partners



The Friends of Nevada State Museum Las Vegas (NSMLV) exists to
encourage and assist with NSMLV programs and activities by
volunteering, raising funds, and by promoting community interest in the

Our vision is to have NSMLV recognized locally and nationally for the
quality of its exhibits and programs, and to create a financial support
system to ensure continued quality of the Museum.



People who join the Friends already love Nevada State Museum, Las
Vegas. But not every Las Vegan knows about the Museum, so we came up
with diverse ways to draw people who never, or rarely, visit it. To
promote community awareness and interest in NSMLV, the Friends
sponsored Museum events, presentations, programs for elementary
students, participated in community events, and updated our social
media presence. Here are some highlights!


The Friends assisted the Museum with two projects: translation of
permanent gallery labels into Spanish, and the Latin Legends exhibit.
The Museum is currently experimenting with ways to provide the
translation to visitors.

Carmen Beals from the Friends of NSMLV led creation of the first
bilingual exhibit at NSMLV. The Latin Legends exhibit was designed to
recognize Hispanic Heritage Month. It was on display from August 17-October 19.

These outreach efforts appear to have success. The number of visitors
self-identifying as Hispanic is 27% in 2019 compared to 20% in 2016
based on visitor survey data collected by the Friends.



We send a monthly newsletter to our subscribers covering events of the
previous month and previews of upcoming events. In 2019, subscriptions
increased 16%. The Friends newsletter also underwent an overhaul. We
implemented a new design that clearly categorizes the newsletter
contents, making it easier to scan for articles of interest. We also
use more color to emphasize information and make the newsletter easier
to read.


Family Events

Dinosaur Discovery


We held our second free “Dinosaur Discovery” – or “Dinosaurio Reunion
en Familia” the evening of March 16. Families in our Community
Membership Program toured the Museum, touched fossils, studied
footprints, ate snacks and did craft projects involving the prehistoric

Volunteers from the Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (JNG) program at
Western High School were a joy to work with. They staffed booths, roved
in the Friends’ dino mascot costume, led enthusiastic limbo sessions,
and helped clean up.

Fossil Factory


Fossil Factory on September 21, a highly attended free daytime event,
was designed for families belonging to the Friends’ Community
Membership program. Other families who happened to be the Museum were
also invited to participate. About 240 people checked in for the event
which was a collaboration between the Friends, the Clark County School
District’s Family and Community Engagement Services (FACES) program,
and JNG volunteers from Valley High School.

Fossil Factory offered a hands-on demonstration of fossil formation, a
booth of fossils for visitors to touch, videos on how fossils form, and
a craft project. There were stations for making rubbings of a dinosaur
skeleton, taking dinosaur mural selfies, and walking the length of an
ichthyosaur, which is Nevada’s state fossil. Friends’ volunteer Dave
Ford made an appearance in character as a prospector for one-on-one
discussions about fossils.

Institutional Outreach

Carmen Beals, Friends Outreach Director, was instrumental in developing
relationships with other Las Vegas museums. She set up meetings between
the Friends, NSMLV staff, and the Nevada Museum of Art, and the
Children’s Discovery Museum. The first collaborative effort with the
Discovery Museum took place on October 25th. The Children’s Museum
showed off their new 3D printers. NSMLV staff gave a presentation at
the Discovery Museum.

Bike Bonanza

The Friends hosted a hands-on display of Museum educational artifacts
at the Pearson Community Center Bike Bonanza in November. Lots of
families stopped by to investigate historic and natural history items.

Nevada Then & Now

In 2019, we launched “Nevada Then & Now”, a series of speakers and
panel discussions. The goal of “Nevada Then & Now” is to position
the Museum as a foremost location for community dialogue.




Friends member Sally Pera was instrumental in kicking off the series on
September 14. The first event was “What Can Nevada Extract from Cannabis?” a panel discussion about Nevada’s cannabis industry. Jon Ralston, of the Nevada Independent, moderated the discussion. All the panelists are experts in one or more aspects of Nevada’s legalized marijuana industry for medical and recreational uses. Topics ranged from using marijuana to treat opioid addiction, to testing requirements for cannabis products. We expect to host additional events focused on Nevada in 2020.


The Friends concentrated on 4 education programs in 2019:

  • Traveling Trunks
  • Teacher Meetups
  • Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates
  • Graphic Arts Interns

Each of these programs is discussed below.

Traveling Trunks

It isn’t easy to arrange a school field trip to the Museum. For that
reason, NSMLV created Traveling Trunks. Traveling Trunks bring
touchable artifacts, photographs, books, posters, readings, and more to
classrooms. Each trunk focuses on Nevada’s history or natural history.

The Friends fund creation of new trunks, and maintenance of existing
trunks. Starting in January of 2019, we pay for round-trip delivery of
trunks to schools in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Major donors to
the program in 2019 include Nancy Brady, Maggie Carlton, Dave Ford, and
Pat Thacker. Free trunk deliveries in 2019 increased demand for the
trunks from teachers as shown below:




The Museum asked the Friends to fund creation of 4 more trunks to meet
demand including: 2 mining, 1 pioneer, and the new Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math (STEM) trunk. The STEM trunk is a collaboration
with Michelle Williams of Williams Learning Solutions who provided a
cash donation of $1000 and free software use. The Friends cover
round-trip transportation costs of the trunks from the Museum to
schools at $32.00 per round trip, per trunk. In 2019, we funded 88
trunks deliveries at a cost of $2,816. They reached 11,146 students in
2019 because schools often share the trunks among multiple classes once
the trunks arrive at a school.




Teacher Meetups

New teachers in the Clark County School District are invited to the
Museum twice per year to learn about the Traveling Trunks and other
educational resources the Museum offers. The Friends provide
refreshments and volunteers to help curators with tours of the Museum.
Sixty-two teachers attended in February 2019 and 92 teachers in October
2019. Friends’ members supported the teachers with generous donations
of food and water for each event.

Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (JNG)

JNG is a state based non-profit organization dedicated to preventing
drop-outs among students with serious barriers to graduation and
employment. The Friends are pleased to collaborate with this
organization and moved from working with 1 high school to 2 in 2019. In
2019, students and advisors supported events at NSMLV to introduce
families to the Museum. JNG volunteers helped at the Family Events
previously discussed. As a result of the JNG collaboration, Kyle Copley
(student at Valley High School) is a regular volunteer in the Museum’s
Education Room, and he leads Museum tours. Kyle hopes to go to college
after high school and become a teacher.

UNLV Graphic Arts Interns

The Friends of NSMLV sponsored 4 graphic arts interns from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) under the leadership of Michael Fong (Assistant Chair, Assistant Professor of the UNLV Art Department) for the Spring 2019 semester. Four interns (Sarah Orellana, Miranda Melton, Jorge Llontop, and Kaylie Stramaglio) worked on Museum and Friends’ projects.

The Friends gave each intern an honorarium of $500 for a total of
$2000. Pat Thacker and Dennis McBride each fully funded an honorarium.
The Friends hosted a reception for the Graphic Interns on May 17
celebrating our first collaboration with the UNLV Graphic Arts


NSMLV has a hand-written card catalog of approximately 240,000 cards,
developed over a period of 20 years, to index early Las Vegas
newspapers. The Friends worked with NSMLV to create a crowdsourcing
project to digitize the cards. New technology became available, and
UNLV digitized the newspapers, so the Friends project ended in 2019.
Special thanks to Annie McDonald and Dottie White, our premier
volunteers for the project!


The Friends purchased archival hangers and boxes to store shoes and
hang showgirl costumes in the Museum’s extensive Textiles and Costume


The Museum discovered a set of films taken of the Moro-Landis dancers
in Las Vegas over many years. They asked the Friends for assistance in
digitizing the collection. Individual Friends members sponsored
digitization of films.


In 2019, Friends members Ron and Diane Dizon continued their on-going
support of IT at the Museum. They donated 2 laptops, 2 printer/scanners
, 3 monitors, and a photo scanner which allowed more volunteers to work

In 2018, at the Museum’s request, the Friends purchased and donated 6
monitors to NSMLV. Two of them were installed in 2019 with existing
computers to increase the pool of equipment available to volunteers.

Graphics interns from UNLV took on the redesign of the Friends logo, and incorporated it into a new web site design for us. They did a great job, using desert landscape coloring, and the silhouette of Nevada’s bighorn sheep to emphasize the distinguishing characteristics of our region. The redesign aimed to make our web site visually appealing and easier to navigate. If you haven’t seen it yet, please visit our site at: www.nsmlv.org



The Community Membership program is a collaboration between the Nevada
Board of Museums and History, the Clark County School District (CCSD),
the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas (NSMLV), the Clark County Community
Resources Management program, and the Friends of NSMLV.

Under this program, the Nevada Board of Museums and History authorized
sale of discounted family memberships to the Friends of NSMLV during
calendar year 2019. The Friends purchase discounted family memberships
from NSMLV. NSMLV sends the membership cards to CCSD. CCSD distributes
the cards to families with 4th grade students in Title 1
schools. Funding is provided by the Friends of NSMLV and a matching
Outside Agency Grant (OAG) for $5000 from the Clark County Community
Resources Management program. CCSD distributed 302 cards to adult
members of families with 4th graders at Title 1 schools.
Families in the program are identified by CCSD.

The percentages of Community Membership households by participating
school zip code are shown below.




The number of times respondents reported visiting NSMLV prior to receiving Museum memberships is
summarized in the graph below.




The Springs Preserve has been collecting attendance data for the
Community Membership program and the “regular” NSMLV memberships.
Springs Preserve personnel keep a manual tally of the number of people
associated with each card. From Feb. 17 – Dec. 13, 2019, a total of 304
people entered using a Community Membership card and 166 entered using
a regular NSMLV membership card.

About 65% of the visitors presenting Nevada State Museum
memberships participate in the Community Membership program.




Community Membership attendance spiked in April 2019, corresponding
with Spring Break for Clark County public schools, as shown below.




The most popular day to use the membership is Sunday. Thursday is also
popular. The museum is not open on Mondays, and no Community Membership
passes were reported as used on Mondays by the Springs Preserve.


The Friends of Nevada State Museum Las Vegas (NSMLV) conducted visitor
surveys in 2019. The survey data are used by the Museum and the Friends
when we apply for grants, and to justify budgets.

Surveys were conducted on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays to
focus on weekend visitors. Weekends are peak times based on past
surveys. The Museum is closed on Mondays. The data collection schedule
and number of visitors surveyed are shown below.

NSMLV Visitor Survey Dates and Times




Visitor Survey Date Start Time End Time No. of Visitors Surveyed
Sun. 4/21/2019 11:30 am 12:30 pm 9
Tue. 5/7/2019 1:30 pm 2:30 pm 13
Sat. 7/6/2019 10:00 am 11:00 am 5
Fri. 8/16/2019 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 9
Sat. 8/23/2019 9:30 am 10:30 am 14
Sun. 10/6/2019 11:00 am noon 11



The survey was developed based on input from the NSMLV staff in 2016.
Thirty-nine percent of survey participants were returning visitors, and
61% were first time visitors to NSMLV. The highest visitation is in
August. The lowest visitation in the survey was on July 6.

Most visitors come to the Museum between 10 am and noon. Saturday and
Sunday have the highest visitation rates, followed by Tuesday and
Friday, respectively.

Most surveyed visitors had Nevada zip codes, and the two most common
Nevada zip codes were 89084 and 89142 as shown below. The 89084 zip
code area is North Las Vegas with a population that is 51% white, 17%
African American, 13% Hispanic, 8% Asian, and 11% other. The 89084 zip
code area is located north of I-215, west of Decatur and east of North
5th Street. The 89142 zip code area is in Las Vegas with a
population that is 24% white, 9% African American, 50% Hispanic, 13%
Asian, and 4% other. The 89142 zip code is south of East Charleston and
east of North Nellis Boulevard.




In 2019, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area is about 44% white, 33%
Hispanic, 12% African American, 7% Asian, and 4%. This distribution is
not reflected in the 2019 visitor survey data for weekends. Hispanic
(3%) and African American (1%) attendance is low at NSMLV compared to
their proportion of the Las Vegas population. The group identifying as
Hispanic Latino African American is also low (3%). The Museum
administration has expressed a desire for a more racially diverse
audience and has taken steps to attract them. NSMLV translated the
permanent gallery labels into Spanish and provides the translation in a
notebook. They do not have funds to replace the existing labels. NSMLV
plans to provide English and Spanish labels for temporary exhibits, and
initiated this effort with the Latin Legends exhibit in August 2019.




Approximately 25% of surveyed NSMLV visitors in 2019 were 10 years old
or younger. The remaining age groups were fairly equally distributed
(15-18%) with the exception of people aged 10-17 and 51-60 who
comprised 3% and 8% of the total number of surveyed visitors,






Fundraising is part of our mission. The Friends collaborated with NSMLV
staff on fundraisers, and sponsored some external events to raise money
for Museum programs. Fundraising events in 2019 include:

Book Sales

Karan Feder, the guest curator of Textiles and Costumes, kindly donated
profits from sales of her book “The Folies Bergere! in Las Vegas” to
the Friends. The Friends sold books, showgirl greeting cards and paper
dolls during at panel discussion about the Folies at the Las Vegas
Clark County library on January 19, raising $537.

The Friends hosted John L. Smith’s book signing at NSMLV on January 26
for “The Westside Slugger: Joe Neal’s Lifelong Fight for Social
Justice” and sold the book, raising $655.


A Taste of Red and White

The Friends hosted a tasting of red and white wines on May 4. Guests
enjoyed a pop-up exhibit of an eclectic selection of red and white
artifacts curated by the Museum team. A wide variety of raffle baskets
were offered, raising $1650. The proceeds were used to match a $1000
donation from Michelle Williams to create a STEM Traveling Trunk for
the Museum.


Pinot’s Palette

On June 9, 2019 our first fundraiser was held at Pinot’s Palette, Boca
Park. The studio’s “Pay it Forward” program enabled the Friends to
raise money for the Museum’s Traveling Trunks Program. Pinot’s Palette
donated a free class as a raffle item, and $450 was raised between the
class fees and raffle ticket sales. Attendees enjoyed a fun evening of
painting, friendship, and beverages. Our paintings entitled,
“Spectacular Nightfall” were indeed just that!”

Due to the success of the June event, we held a second event at Pinot’s
Palette in November. The selected artwork, “Old World Snowman”, was
painted on wood. A total of $1,100 was raised.

Online Store

Our online store, featuring unique greeting cards and rental of our
teacups and related items, has been moderately successful. We earned
$235 in 2019 from online merchandise sales.

Secrets of Tea

In June, the Friends presented the Secrets of Tea, a tea tasting and
informative lecture led by tea expert Louise Carruth. Ms. Carruth is
the founder of Little Candle Tea Company, which sells teas and sponsors
tea tastings and talks that cover tea history, properties, and proper
preparation of tea. Her prodigious expertise, wonderful presentation,
and delicious teas delighted the 75 attendees.

The event also featured sales of tea products, Nevada-themed note
cards, donated jewelry and handbags, and raffles. There was a best-hat
contest. The event raised $1688. Proceeds were used to continue
improving community access to the Museum, and supporting the Museum’s
Traveling Trunk program.

Stuff a Truck

The Oct. 5 Stuff a Truck event raised funds by collecting reusable
goods, taking them to a local Savers store to be weighed, and then
receiving a donation check, based on the weigh and type of goods. This
event garnered a modest $175 in net proceeds.

Rotunda Sale

The Friends hosted a sale of jewelry, greeting cards, and Christmas
ornaments in the Museum rotunda on Dec. 7. The ornaments were donated
by David Porcello and the proceeds were designated to support the
Textile and Costume collection. We raised $441.

Barnes & Noble Bookfair

The Friends’ Barnes & Noble bookfair on Dec. 14, 2019 was a great
day for Nevada history. The event’s two guest speakers, authors John L.
Smith and Sally Denton, have written between them more than 20 books,
mostly about Nevada history. Another special “guest” was the Friends’
dinosaur mascot, a pteranodon – as played by Western High teen
volunteers in costume. The Friends raised approximately $578 from the


Without membership dues and cash donations from our members, corporate
support, and in-kind donations our programs would not be possible.




We gratefully acknowledge cash donations



of $100-$499 from:

Other cash donors include:
Jeff Alpert
Carmen Beals
Renee Diamond Teresa Bell
Donna Harper Darlene Dimic
A.D. Hopkins Chris Doss
Tonislav Migotti Norm Kresge
Sally Pera Karen Marks
Ted Rexing Frances R. Marshall
Jenni Ruckle Neil McDonal
Robert Riemer/Mary Savage Annie McDonald
Margie Walton Tommie Quisenberry
Joan Whitely Mary Scucci
  Rick Scucci
    Magie Stuart
    Crystal Van Dee
    Nancy Zitko
  We gratefully acknowledge cash donations of
$500-$5000 from:
  Nancy Brady  
  Maggie Carlton  
  Dave Ford  
  Dennis McBride  
  32 Club
  Pat Thacker  
  Michelle Williams  






We gratefully acknowledge in-kind donations from:






Reed and Judy Alewel     Dennis McBride
Nancy Brady     Betty Miller
Cam Camburn     Dr. Linda Miller
Dahl Capello     Sally Pera
Maggie Carlton     David Porcello
Lisa Cooper     Robert Riemer/Mary Savage
Ron and Diane Dizon     Lynn Rosencrantz
Dave Ford     Mary Stutz
Donna Harper     Pat Thacker
Sarah Hulme     Margie Walton
Maureen Kane     Joan & Bob Whitely
Liz Foley & John Maxey     Dereck Yelton
Karen Marks        
Everyone who donated raffle prizes and refreshments for our meetings
Everyone who donated water and snacks for the Teacher Meetups




Supporting the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas benefits our community. The
Friends of NSMLV could not accomplish our goals without the involvement and
enthusiasm of our corporate partners. Here are some highlights about our
2019 Corporate Partners.

Delinda Crampton

The Friends and NSMLV are lucky collaborators with local Berkshire Hathaway
Realtor, Delinda Crampton. She documented a tour of the Museum with an 8
minute segment on the American Dream TV show. You can watch the tour

Hyper Networks

The Friends collaborated with Hyper Networks and the Nevada Board of
Museums and History to bring free WIFI to the public areas of NSMLV in
2018. Hyper Networks is a Las Vegas based company that designs and installs
computer networks in large global businesses. They have agreed to continue
to support the system through 2020. Their web site is located here.

Famous Names, LLC

Lisa Cooper, a founder of Famous Names LLC, generously donated many raffle
baskets of beauty products to the Friends. Famous Names LLC is dedicated to
creating Best In Class products exclusively for Nail Professionals. You can
check out their web site here.

STG Logistics

STG Logistics is the Friends’ partner for round-trip deliveries of the
Traveling Trunks between the Museum and schools. They work closely with
Stacy Irvin, the NSMLV Education Curator, and the Friends to schedule trunk pickups and drop-offs. Their couriers have waited at schools while teachers do last-minute packing of trunks, and they are endlessly patient! Their web site is located here.

Pinot’s Palette

Redd and Judy Alewel, franchisee owners of
“Pinot’s Palette”
in Las Vegas
have supported charitable organizations since starting their business.
Pinot’s Palette is a paint and sip studio with three Las Vegas locations.

Their studios are Las Vegas’ favorite paint party destinations where wineand painting go together. Pinot’s Pallet is a great community partner with a robust “Painting It Forward” program that non-profit organizations can use to raise money in a fund and entertaining manner. The Friends of NSMLV participated in two events this year raising funds for our Traveling Trunks program. The Alewels have pledged support for 2020 and provide raffle items for special events. We are lucky to have their patronage and support.

Google, Amazon, and PayPal

Thanks to Google for providing $3371 of free search engine advertising to the Friends in 2019. Paypal donated $2 to the Friends in 2019, and Amazon Smile donated $28.

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. If the Friends of NSMLV are selected as your choice, we receive the donation. For information on how to select us as a charity, check our donation page.

Other Corporate Partners

A variety of corporate partners donated in-kind goods to the Friends in
2019, including:

  • AMC Theaters
  • Costco
  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
  • Jason’s Deli
  • Rubios

The Friends of NSMLV are grateful for their contributions which were used
during fundraisers.


Income and expenses for the Friends of NSMLV in 2019 are summarized below.


In 2019, we received $28,290 in cash donations. A full $14,437 were
restricted funds that we used for a project specified by the donor. The
most popular project in 2019 was for the Education Department. Donors gave generously to the Traveling Trunk project. We were able to replenish existing trunks, and buy new ones. A big change in the program was implementation of a delivery service which relieves teachers from coming to the museum to pick up and return the trunks. This service exponentially increased use of the trunks. The trunks are completely booked for the entire academic year.

Donations with no restrictions totaled $12,811 and came mostly from our
fundraising events, individual donors, book sales, and memberships. For
every dollar that we spent on fundraising events, we earned $3.95. Our
restricted and unrestricted income is summarized in the following chart.

Our 2019 income streams are shown in the following pie chart.


In 2019, our largest expenditure of $7,500, went to the Community
Membership project. Partnering with the State Board of Museums and History, Clark County School District, and matching funds with a Clark County Outside Agency grant, we purchased discounted museum memberships for families of students with fourth graders in Title 1 schools. Our second largest expense was the Traveling Trunks, a project of the NSMLV Education Department that lends educational materials to teachers. Supplies and trunk deliveries total $5295.

2019 saw the beginning of a new partnership with UNLV. We coordinated with the Art Department to give their advanced students real-life projects that enhanced their portfolios, while helping the museum. The cost of this program was $2000.

Our 2019 expenses are shown in the following pie chart.


Volunteering is part of the mission of the Friends of NSMLV and the
services we provide are essential to the Museum. We are grateful to all the people who volunteered their time to support activities at the Museum. In 2019, 95 people volunteered at NSMLV, a 10% increase compared to 2018. For 2019, 38% of all the Museum volunteers are members of the Friends of NSMLV, and we gave 42% of the total volunteer hours. The Friends gave 2786 hours in 2019 from a total of 6761 hours worked by all volunteers in 2019.

The Friends worked with education, exhibits, history, and natural history programs as well as the library. The largest number of hours were donated in the Miscellaneous category, followed by hours donated to help manage the History and Natural History collections. Miscellaneous support includes assisting the Museum staff at exhibit openings.

The Board of Directors for the Friends of NSMLV, and the Museum staff
gratefully acknowledge the many hours volunteered by the following people – volunteers make programs possible:




Hours Volunteered by Friends of NSMLV Members in 2019

1-10 11-100 100+
Aaron Ardley Carmen Beals Nancy Brady
David Bouyea Susan D’Agostino John Dooley
Cam Camburn Nick Dyer Laura Eisenberg
Maggie Carlton Catherine Finnegan Donna Harper
Merritt Carlton David Ford Sarah Hulme
Julia Cichon Carol Kirshman Jim Parish
Barbara Ciocca Karen Marks Aaron Reed
Barbara Ferrante Annie McDonald Robert Riemer
Jennifer Fisher Terry Maxwell Mary Savage
Denise Gerdes Elliot Meacham Dottie White
Debbi Halfhill Sally Pera Joan Whitely
Jerry Halfhill David Porcello
Christina Hook Pamela Prim
Norm Kresge Carol Swearingen
Harriet Lipoff Pat Thacker
Stuart Lipoff
Jorge Llontop    
Miranda Melton    
Sahara Orellana    
Janice Sacramento    
Kalie Stramaglio    
Mary Stutz    
Mitchel Taylor    
Haven Whitely    
Robert Whitely    




The enthusiasm and support of the NSMLV Staff have made the Friend’s 2019 accomplishments possible. Sarah Hulme is the Museum liaison with the Friends. Thank you, Sarah, for sitting through many hours of Friends board meetings after the end of your regular work hours. As the Education Curator, Stacy Irvin also attended many meetings to discuss funding for education programs and she kindly loaned the Friends educational artifacts and materials for outreach events. Thanks also to Karan Feder and Caroline Kunioka for working with us on fundraising events. Without your presentations the events would not have taken place. Maureen McDonough reserved event and meeting space, while Brenda Isaacs, Brian Yancy, and Dewayne Johnson set up for events. Exhibits staff Wes Southerland and Tom Dyer (now retired!) provided boatloads of help with events, along with Lea Rosario and Ron McCoy. Crystal Van Dee assisted the Friends with preparation of a Black History Traveling Trunk. Dennis McBride, museum director, contributed both funds and raffle items culled from his impressive collection of Mid-Century housewares and decor.


The 2019 Board of Directors for the Friends of NSMLV included:

  • Mary Savage, President
  • Joan Whitely, Vice President
  • Carmen Beals, Outreach Director
  • Laura Eisenberg, Treasurer
  • Elliot Meacham, Media Coordinator
  • Jim Parish, Karen Marks, and Sarah Hulme, Secretary
  • Donna Harper, Education Liaison